About Tears

Chapter 4|Diamonds


About Tears

Just wrote this right before posting it. Tell me what you think! (positive only)

I was four

OUT the door

into the closet

I ran

“why am I naked?”

I hear them fighting

I can’t understand

What it’s                   About.

What is going on?!


Why do I feel so wrong.

Here is

packed my suitcase

she found out

Fast Forward

“I remember you saying your leaving him.”

Now she’s as mean as

when she fought with him.

so mean

so crew-L

I’m a loser in her eyes.

She stinks of drinking.


The hotel near the mall

it was the mall

at least back then.

The Bar

The musi

I can’t understand


Famous people.

Fast Forward

famous people are just real people.

wow. some are humble.

some high not.

I understand now





being a child

so simple

so easy

so like this older people tell me

“Enjoy it while you have it.”

“You have an old soul lil’ girl.”

Why did they post that in town?

Mom and the principal.

On the pole?

the Telephone poles?!

“About her!?”

Why did they do that I though they were my friends.

the painted angel window at the brick house.

Fast Forward

God I haven’t changed

too trusting

He doesn’t understand

He doesn’t know how hard

this is for me to be here.

I love him in a way

But not in love.

I can not stay.

I can not live like this anymore.


Copyright Carolyn Crocker 2015



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