Landscape of F st.

Landscape of F St.

Body text in wordpress will not let me fix this for proper kerning.

Note: Split stanza to be written and displayed in an infinite loop. Each line goes like this: Center spacing, right spacing, center spacing, left spacing, center spacing, etc. etc. etc.

And if I die today
I’ll be reincarnated
some way
maybe as a boy
a rabbit
or ferret
the tuth is
Does the tickle
Your fancy
Breakfast club
You’re a nancy
Deep inside
Turned black
Afraid to admit
You hate what you are
She’s pissed
Find a four leaf clover
Get on your knees & pray
In our care
Of madness
Ritual candles
Enjoy the ambiance
As we comply
Bird in a cage
De Ja Vu
I’ve seen this before
They set a stage
& wait
set a trap
smear it on her face.
Father’s milk

Fuck Aphrodite
And her swan dive
She’s in the deep end-ed
In our opinion
Gone loco
Whistle & blow
“This is our world!”
I’m not welcome here.
Shield thine eyes
Thine ears
People haven’t changed
Not really
We like to think so
Their grass
Needs to be thatched
Hand me the rake.

Please note: Here infinite loop is broken.

This ain’t no fairy tale
and I ain’t no princess
this isn’t a glory hole
and you are not princes
we have a history here
a war on women’s bodies
and I do not glorify
your phallic intentions
So stupid
these words
curdled milk
in my mind
cottage cheese
suck that straw
let it be
as it is
Did you know I’m sober
see my eyes
test my blood
I’ve seen
experienced this
“take your words back
hands tied
fist in my faces
suck it bear
honor this its god”
Not my god
your member
not worth worshipping
sadistic black cloaks
salt on my wounds
robbed in
my uterus

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