Wood Worker & Associates

Chapter 4|Diamonds


Wood Worker & Associates

If I could not

speak these words

Like thorns

From the thorns

Placed through my eyes

My temples

As I pluck

Them out

Each nail

Has a name




Through it’s spine

This one from my heart

This one from my left ovary

This one named my child’s name

This one

The biggest one

Hammered by society’s prayer

This one not

the one that

Cut my hand

This one

Has an echo

Like a flower

Narcissist flower

His anger rage


Matches for dead roses

He game me this

Instead of

This thorn

Hurts more

Than I can

Stand, it’s got fungus

It shoots all over me

Through me

The pain

No worse than my


My heart’s true pain

His tight bond glue

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