Christianity (declarations of a Teenager)

Chapter 2|Tigers


Christianity (declarations of a Teenager)

  1. He looked around

seeing all there is to see

and looking there

for something to explain what it isn’t to me.

He takes complicated words

and fills my mind with misery.

I see his dark arms

enveloping me,

like walls coming in

on each side of my face.

He preaches love in one strange way.

He preaches a god and I can not say.

In my mind

he is not reaching me.

I am the being of what is to be!

Their god is dead and I don’t care,

They think he lives and I can not bare,

that they try to take me into their cult.

Every time they come, I bolt.

They have a name for what they preach;

and yet they can not teach

this thing

they call


to this being inside of me.


  1. I hold a soul

pure and simple

and on this soul

there grows a pimple

where the dirt is trying to get to me.


It will not be!


If there is a hell

you probably can tell

that I will see you there

with flames lapping in my hair.

Being torched for my beliefs:

That a God did not create


or earth,

or birth,

or man,

or woman.


III. People are so strange

in their ways.

Trying to teach people

for days.

When that man began

to teach

He should have known

he could not reach

This soul inside that

is simple

And has just popped

that pimple.

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