Chapter 5|Ra



Father and Daughter Relationship

If I write this letter

Will it make it better?

Or worse

For better

Or worse

What a curse

Those words left empty

On the D-Day

Life in such disarray

For a child

My finger required to dial

When I needed your breath

Instead you exhale death

With paternal mirth

Telling me the girth

Of your distance

Blaming me for the resistance

When I wasn’t the responsible one

I didn’t understand the reason

For your words

I’m taking the stand

And saying “throw it to the birds”

That reasoning

Teasingly causing me to hate


Because I’m not good enough

For you.


Well I’m not the one

Who touched his daughter’s breast

I’m not the one

Who said give it a rest

I’m the one who suffered

Because of you

And lived life paying

Some unreasonable due

Because daddy never apologized

For demoralized youth

This is why I’ve been so uncouth

With you

This is why I can’t live

without being unglued


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