Dream Playing

Chapter 2|Tigers


Dream Playing


Read this poetry

Read that which I don’t share

Read me

See what I could not say

And understand me

How I’d love

To lay comfy

Like a feather

In down

In your arms

After telling you

The truth

But isn’t it funny how everything

Works out

Forgive me

I tried

But I gave up

I forgive you

You gave up

Because I was a vision

On a mission

To understand








That’s as far as I can tell

Is what alcoholism is

And what my mother is

And I remember when she shined

When she was energy

When she was a wild woman

When she could see herself in

The mirror

And know she was the best

In our eyes

In my eyes now

In her husbands eyes

Who doesn’t give up easily

And is holding on

To breaking his heart

For the her now.


I remember reading comic books

Then learning about people’s

And sociology

And then spoken poetry

To know that I once hated people

Because I cared toooooooo much

To know that I want to be an artist

A poet

A writer

Not a doctor

Although the money could be nice

To know that you get what anyone else gets

And make due with what you have

Fuck being content

I want to be happy

And float in a bubble

That I can say I made

And write something

To help a women through her day

Or man

This isn’t special for you or me

It’s special if someone can see

That you can’t just let something be


Someone once called me Death

And I wanted to be Delirium

Someone once called me Ray

And I wanted to be her

For him

And someone once told me

I was no emotionless cyborg

And I wanted to show him how I am

I did.

And someone once called me Carrie

And I looked into her eyes

And learned to call her mom

We are cursed by our

Blessed nested chested souls

We are cursed by our

Seeded needed bleeded souls

One day this will all go BOOM!

What will you wish you had said?

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