Martyr Vs. Masochist

Chapter 3|Ra


Martyr vs. Masochist


So wrong…

Horribly wrong

Stubbornly gone

Into a dream

That turned to illusion

Fucking magician.

Trickster of mirrors

And smoke

And slight of hand.

And it’s funny

That he had inspired this heart so

The deception brought Despair

And her arm around her

To her right

So close an enemy

You sir may read this

If it reaches those coveted dusty shelves

And she thanks you

For the torment you brought her

By whispering in this ear

With your beak

And black feathers

Leaving scars on this shoulder

Where you once perched

As charismatic smoke

And she came to realize

You are no friend

Her arm around you

To her right.

Drag the hook into the blood chamber

yank the fish line

tear a sliver

eat a piece

monkey lips drinking Sin Zen

martyr chimera

helped her to define masochism.

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