May 11

May 11


So you know?

There are things better left unsaid

to you, to me.

Then there are things left to the inside

for me, for you.

Then there are things that you have to say

for me, for you.

And sometimes I hit you with a gravestone

In the face from my mouth.

Some things have to be done

It’s not about the money, it’s about survival

I’ll do what it takes and leave who I have to

Until I find what I need to survive.

Money is one thing, a soul is another,

There’s something wrong when you can’t tell


the difference.

Gotta dollar to pay for my food

spent all my money

on bills, on school.

So, yes, I think I deserve some respect

I don’t criticize you when you’re at your best

I do not abuse you when I’m overstressed.

Cause I’m working full-time

noday off with learning in the working

Oh, did I mention no


day off?

Forgetting what I want to remember

Remember all I want to forget

Remember this is my life and jot it down as I drive.

Reminds me of my father; I still write anyway.

Not paying attention while searching to the extreme

My hope an open book. I’m praying that I do this

I’m praying to do it right

I’m all ready in here

Will I be there? This is my fight

to get out of here.

I thought you could handle this



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