Morphing Wall Flower

Chapter 3|Ra

Morphing Wall Flower


These people

They like to talk

They like to masturbate thoughts

Hear their own hand


They’ll tear you down

Or bring you up

But most of the time

It’s just politics

Just tricks.

I’ve gotten some strange looks


And critical

I’m off the wall and into the scene

I’ve watched so long

And now I’m breaking off the vine

People are so picky with flowers

I can bloom red

And see their love

I can bloom yellow

And flop them like a puppy’s ear

I can show a thorn

Or a bug eating a petal

And make them wince

Or unappreciated me

The whole time I turn gray with worry

With “if they pick me’s”

And other times I do not go gray

And they see me

As I am, a weed.

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