My Magician

Chapter 5|Fine


My Magician


Oh look, look how he pulls that rabbit out of his hat!

See, I have it in my room, it’s priceless and cute.

I love that rabbit.

See! Oh please see, look at what he’s given me, and look at that!

He shows his affection with precious things,

But I stay mute.

He speaks with gifts, it’s his habit.

Oh wait. He’s disappeared with his smoke, and his mirrors,

his excuses.

First just one week, then I find him, then three weeks,

but I couldn’t find him.

I miss him.

He missed my birthday, Yes, I know.

He hasn’t contacted me, YES, I know.

It’s been three weeks, trust me,


Your right, he’s just a magician.

Yes, yes, you’re right, it isn’t the affection I need.

Yes, I know my friend, he disappears, doesn’t care,


But oh my friend, how I miss him.


It’s just so hard to try not to take the blame.

God, it’s so hard to not be a sponge for pain.

You just don’t understand, I liked him a lot.

Yes, my friend, he was a man I sought.

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