Schitzo Poet

Chapter 3| Ra

Schitzo Poet

Tired of abuse excuses
Tired of your mind games
Don’t want your prescriptions
Tired of defending myself/
It’s not an excuse/
Tired of defending you
and walking around eggshells
Mine is the hard road/
Cause I don’t want to drink/
Don’t want to smoke weed/
Just want my coffee and my cigarettes/
And my eyes that gleam/
Dable in artwork/
Put my brush in some paint/
Mix with charcoal and framing
Mix with words and anonymity
And a little spoken word/
Crate a scatter
With a splatter/
Of my name/
All fades/
Door click over sensitized/
To these conch shells
Right next to church bells
Didn’t know it would ring/
Stop Screaming
where is my identity/
don’t show them your deuces./

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