Silly Side-Show Stranger

Another chap-book called apocalypse

Silly Side-Show Stranger

Sure, Sure,

that’s what they’ve all said.

Don’t try and pull the wool over my eyes,

I see through your mask;

I see only a dotted outline to you and your self-serving desire.


I don’t want a quick fuck,

I don’t want to be an object for you to slip into your pocket,

I am not going to let you close,

therefore back up and disappear into the crowd of smoke and lights,

go back to looking at the yellow lines as you go on your joy ride.

Go away and leave me be.


I will not open to a silly side-show stranger.

I will only open up if you want to know me and why I’m afraid of you.

Ask the right questions, try, care, and maybe then,

if your still not pressuring me to lift my skirt,

I will let you close.


Heh, heh,

that’s what I thought.

Your disappearing like all those others.

Your just like the rest of them,

you don’t want to have to try.

You just want to feel my kitten and then fade eventually

after that self-serving desire of yours is satisfied at my expense.

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