Chapter 1|Unicorn


Bleeding around my memories
is that the way you wanted to think of me?
I wonder how we ever kept this alive
always tormenting me

rolling me

around on the dirt
gravel and grass in my teeth
and then you’d suggest we go eat.
I succumbed

b/c i didn’t want to know better

i chose stupidity
it didn’t come naturally
I needed a place to incubate
to hide and gestate
until you were no longer needed.
I gave up that fight
admitted my wrong
to know how bitterness is a flask
that does not work as a mask
it only illuminates

hold the edge to the eye

take a swig
take you all the way in
I’m going to go become a boy now
be just like you
strut into a strip joint
grap the bitch

with the biggest tits
and gauge her with my eye
and become my enemy
or spit.

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