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Steak KnifePoetryBook_cover1_s or Steak KnifePoetryBook_cover2_sSteak KnifePoetryBook_cover3 or Steak KnifePoetryBook_cover4

What do you think? The dimensions of a polaroid enlarged. collage pages inside. Both books. This is pretty much my autobiography. WTF!?


For publication this is an example of the interior formatting on the layout for some of the poems un-editable on WordPress. I have removed any mention of people involved besides myself.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.46.08 PM

This will be in the shape of a polaroid, historically polaroids were the only way people saw the truth of the abuse in hospitals, which is why I chose this format cover. Spiral bound at the bottom. Justification reverse from binding. Collage pages included on black background like snapshots. Pages to be read normally but just flipping through them where you bring the pages down like a porn magazine spread. Limited edition printing. Free use here and normal reading available. Total of 186 pages of poetry.

Copyright Carolyn Crocker 2015

I really want to share the importance of poetry, self-expression for rape which is why all of the poetry is free to read but not to be duplicated without my expressed permission. We are not alone and we deserve to be heard. I also deserve to make money legitimately and through my art.

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