Revelations- PTSD Therapy

Revelations- PTSD Therapy


“She has too much pattern!”


Unhappy people are not beautiful to the world.


Sometimes we see through our eyes

And other times we just look.


“We are the bad luck twins

Cars are our nemesis.”


Compulsions can be degrading

Remain calm

Continue waiting

Clear your mind and rest

Your hand in your palms.

But don’t dig your nails into your skin

This is not a game to win

It’s just a way to live.


“Though we sit together

We are not a powerful vision.”


I’m scared of it

This unhappiness

You’d think I’d know how to control it


“Some may call me masochist

Others martyr

I am fixing myself

Driving out the demons”


My world is shards of glass in the brain.


“I’m here writing about everything and anything you could think of in my head.”

And things you could never understand.


Memories are flashing in my head

Color so neon

Like lightning

Coming in and out and around and over and over

It takes me over

Soul talk.


“My world is human

We fuck

Se talk

We bleed

We cry

We deal with our own pain in our own way.”


“I feel deeper than I say or show

So I’m stand-offish”


I feel like the smoker’s throat.


Side lit street light patio

“Deux donne each tableaux”

Farewell to all that came before.


Before this

is the haunting

mental movies

emotion music

disappearing runaways

Before this

Is the sorrow

Bitter like lemon.


“Red went the sky

Shadows crept

And all but I wept”


“A dreamer’s dream is not a dream

But a vision of the future.”


Heart words are like heartworms

They eat you away if not spoken.

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