See me

Chapter 1|Unicorn


See me

Give me some romance

Some passion mixed in

And listen

To the words

But pay attention

To my face

How I don’t like to be misplaced

In your assumptions

I met a man

Who sucked at the saxophone

Trying to stay in a dream

That he lost

That’s one of my fears

To be lost

From my dream

To be lost

From myself

Spent forever it seemed

To remember my gleam

But I drowned

In some stupid

Man-made dehydrator

That looked as if it’d quench my thirst

To quench my need

To see you again

To run to you

With a brick knocking around in my head

Every time I rose

Every time I chose

To forget you

To remember you

As we once were

Once, once upon a time

With the perfect soundtrack

It was you, my love, holding me back

From my true happiness

How sorry I am it turned into this

But knowing that I will beat this

And appreciate

The man lying next to me

Because you may look at me

But he sees me!

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