A Reminder of the Memory

A Reminder of the Memory


The reminder of the memory

Hangs over my consciousness

Blame fog

Self sabotage

With eschewed habitation

To swell my torso tense

Honory disconfidence

Not a thing a thought

Could send my mind to rot

Vacation of mind trapped in

Answers written everywhere

To wrong inquisititation

While everywhere is right

Not minds wave length set

Fight your own soul

Fight your own goal

You are not really you

You are someone else

aggressive censorships

Thought to protect own

Out of proportion


Your thought are not your own

Accelerated tempo

Pull it

Theer in this breath

Resend a memory of what

Once had to be

Place; press play

Get a grip

Staring down the rocky road

“What was that name?”

Just a face on

Give him a bill girl

For all that time he used

Lame on Life Strife

Where is the gain

Thought based

on knots in my shoulder

It was rape.

Be there no question

No doubt

Abundantly clear

Send him his bills

The rest of them

That was just sex

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