Playing the Parts

Chapter 6|The Secret

Playing the Parts


Part of me wants it

Part of me doesn’t

it’s the facing & overcoming of the unknown

I’m working hard for the piece of this world


I used to care so much

Now I’m just annoyed

having to watch out

for the enemy

watch out for protection

don’t feel safe

want to feel safe in someone’s arms

for more than a little while

doing things with an untrained


meeting offers in the eye

when will you look down

when will your will break?

look out my reflection in the


hair sticking out on its own

this is where my heart says to go

sometimes I wonder if it even knows

but I trust myself I trust myself.

this job fell into my lap

and I got something to do

with myself. I’m following through to the end

soon my heart is going to sing again.

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