Blind as A Bat

Chapter 5|Fine


Blind as A Bat


Dwelling on my inaction

desiring to say what I felt

Never had the balls to confront

every time I tried


I shook over you


You remind me of my pain

that is vain of me to say

but it was that way

I apologize for not knowing what to do


with or without you

I need to explain

Why I acted so strange

I am not ashamed


It’s not the rape that pains me

It’s the fact that maims me

that no one wants to be

there for me even you.


It’s not what has happened

it’s what happened

When I told you

and you did nothing


I’ve changed sir


But that is not what matters

what matters is

I still shake out of habit

and I don’t need to anymore


Cause You don’t matter

Although I always wanted

to give you something more

than what you ever had.


Now shut is that door

and I’m really glad

Cause now I’m not haunted

just slightly mad


That  you never wanted to give

I wore my ankh for me

I wore black for me

I wore her and him for me


Don’t you see?




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