Perhaps a song

Chapter 7 | Mountain Top

Perhaps a Song


I gotta be me

not some dream woman

and honey

someday you’ll learn

and baby

someday you’ll know

that Greeks influenced the romans

and the world isn’t so pretty

it’s actually quite gritty

when you get into the show

and baby

someday you’ll learn

and honey

I gotta be me

not some dream woman

and baby

some day

your going to learn

to treat a woman

unlike a drug

to treat sex

unlike a new high

and treat a woman

like herself

I get stressed like the rest

I get down

like the best

and I bleed, cry, wail

I am a woman

and baby someday your going to lean

to treat a woman

like a human

instead of a wild trip

and baby someday

your going to burn

for all the tricks

you play on my head.

I have many different

sides to me

just like you

one is a child

thirsty for love

one is a woman

thirsty for hugs

one is a hag

afraid to live life

one is a woman

independent sure

one is a child

worried and insecure

no one expects me to be

anything but me

but violence

honey violence?

that’s your manhood

not mine

I’m a woman

and I choose to be a woman

of my own

a woman free

of violence

and your perception

baby you got to learn

you lost the point

and you never knew

the true point

of any and all of it

you love a woman despite

the man who maimed her

you give it to the woman

not enslave her

to relive the past of the south

reborn without prejudice

woman hating men

still exist

and even if you have a mate now

what did you do to the last woman?

baby your going to learn


the dream only works

If you don’t make your bed of roses

on someone else’s grave.

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