The Break

Chapter 7| Mountain Top

The Break


1. Truth be told

I want someone to love me

enough to be with me

To make the sacrifices for me

and I them

For someone to see the soft

heart instead

I’ll fight for something that

I feel I can

But not to the sacrifice of

my immortal soul

It’s not bitterness

I need to learn how to date

Hope is my inspiration

The world is a part of me

as much as I’m apart of it

So I will learn to flow

with them

but not kill my spirit

2. Today the earth moved into

the way of the sun

and moon

today you decided

to change

wondering if it’s just

a phase

there is a circle

where if you cut the center

just the center

it echos

the clouds tease

like your mother

just allowing

a moment of realness

3. The world is

supposed to end today

must find a a seal.

but the the black cat staying away

what sign is that today

the cool wind

washes it all away

all the pain

all the anxiety

I let your break me

I let you master the power of me

after loving powerless

so long

so long.

I am on my own side

I am my own friend

I am in control of myself

and I can have my heart

no bitterness

no point in living

always pained

time is mine

One day at a time

I am going higher

I have no replacement pieces.

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