The Giving Trees

Chapter 7 | Mountain Top

The Giving Trees


Surrounded by unfamiliarity

make change and grow

although I

know what I want

not to give and take

to be late

but right on time.

But my larger side is

overtaking me

our schedules

do not intertwine

and I’m in temptation


to be selfish

My timing with business

is right

but my timing with life

is wrong

everyone wants to be


but then, give out of necessity

choice between

weakness or strength

suffer to receive

or receive to suffer

which one is right

I’m so fucking tired

of god damn questions

people are flighty

people are strong

there are those that

are giving

there are those who care

which do you want to be?

Be the one who cares

the one who is giving

it’s time to save a life.

It will rain like a woman crying

Fierce a crying of loss

The fog hangs ice on tree limbs

Determined not to budge

I whisper into the night

“Are you there?”

asking for an answer

tell me not to disappear

I remember that poster

the one where Recovery is portrayed

like a fall tree vs a spring tree

Do you want life

or do you want death?

and then the very people who asked

me to make a choice

chose the wrong tree.

And then blamed it on me.

As always

they will always

blame their winds

on the tree, and say god saved them.

but like they say

they are sinners

not saints

so where is your culture

working in my life

for my benefit

so far

you killed it

took some acid

and poured it on the budding tree

and then said, if you were an oak

instead of maple

we would have loved you

let you grow.

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