Story submitted for Paper Cut Event

So I wrote my story and finished it. I sent it to the zine publisher as requested. I hope that all will be well in regards to this and it touches someone. I hope it opens some people’s eyes as to how you are literally a paycheck away from demise and horrific events. 

I don’t know. I feel strange because I don’t want this to be all about just me and my rape. But about awareness. This zine will have stories from all these local women. And you can buy one here:

It’s the Papercuts zine nite at Dunbar community garden in little rock Arkansas. It’s going on from 7pm to midnight. I may have to work instead. But I just contributed at least. 

I had this whole project to create my own pocket zine. But I just haven’t budgeted for it. I have to figure some stuff out first. And if my heart is ready to do this. 

You can read my story here.

All I keep praying is for guidance and direction. 

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