Inspirational Prayers

This is a great resource for those needing spiritual assistance getting through the process of Rape Recovery and Healing. My relationship with “God” shifted dramatically when I was in the throws of the damage of what the rape did to my mind, my heart, and my soul. God became that evil punishing, emotionally unavailable, hurtful boss. And then over time, and actually thankfully to spiritually minded people, it has shifted away from that. It still sneaks up sometimes when I pray to not be killed today, for example, But that is the Fear of living life on life’s terms somedays.

I do not believe that this experience happened to me for a spiritual reason. I think it just happened. For no reason besides a man’s hate towards women and other human beings. There were reasons he had, money, power, control, and whatever else was in his sick mind.

I do not believe that the rape was “god’s plan.” At least I don’t today. I am slowly but surely comprehending that this was just something that happened to me. It is not me and it does not define who I am. Rape has a horrible way of trying to take you under. Making you question your identity.

What defines me is my strengths and my weaknesses. My heart, what I create, who I am, and how I treat people, as well as myself. I am not a pre-destined victim. I don’t have to be a victim. I am beginning to understand that more and more. I have the power to choose to not be a victim anymore. To take that experience and make it work to my benefit. The reality of this world is that it is dangerous. That is life. We can’t outsmart or control everything. Things happen that we would never even think of. Like I never thought that would happen to me, not in my wildest nightmares, I never saw it coming.

Learning to detach emotionally, and not taking it so personally, which is very hard for such a personal experience, is apart of going from victim to survivor. There has to be a mental change, and for me, prayer helps me open myself to other options and perspectives.

I hope this helps you in your healing process.


Prayer for Healing:

Heavenly Power,

You are our Creator, and you are our Healer. You are the God who heals. You have compassion for us in our sicknesses and our pain.

Your mercy is from everlasting to everlasting.

I come to you this day, asking you to heal my body. I ask you to go into each cell and correct whatever is wrong. Father, bring healing, harmony, and unity to every cell, every organ, and every system of my body. I ask that you would heal the root of any pain that I experience. Thank you that you are repairing everything that has to do with my body.

Right now I am giving you my fears and my worries. I pick up the shield of faith and draw confidence that you are working on my behalf this day.


For more prayers and the original form of this prayer see: 


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