Fingers touch

Fingers to finger we touch

Laying in bed

Talking about god

And I met him on a day

That would be a curse

If their hate

Still touched my heart

But I’m that touch

I began to understand

People come

And they go

Some stay but what is 


Is that breathe between

Where chance

At a zoo

Elated my heart to a point

Where I took courage

To change my heart

And open up

I want love

And as that owl looked at me

Perched on her hand

I just saw

How I needed a safe place to land

Like her 

Healing has only truly yet begun

And temporary thoughts

That had no place in my mind

Flee to a foreign space

So strange I thought that way


To think

But the fear of it

Leaves a quake

A strain on everything

Take your hand

Off the door knob

To make room

For the right door to open

And allow the touch

Of this new man

To ente your soulspace

And if he is the one stay

Let him in

I ask of myself

Let me in

Let my heart inside myself again

And shine through my epidermis

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