Golden Thread

I think its time

To adress the gold

Glittering from my chest

Around my shoulders

Swirling round my torso

Out of my mouth

That glows your truth

I feel you

And i’m searching

I’m calling

Every atom inside me pulses

To connect hand to hand

Eye to eye

Check to check

In lover’s embrace

A soft pink hue resonates off my skin

 and i pray

Let him in, the one that holds 

My mind at day

My dreams at night

I feel the sway of chance meetings

And irreplaceable experiences

A passion as thunderous as rain

A place like no other

Home, where you are

And i pray and i wonder

I long for the chance

I will go wherever i need to go

I will know at sight

You are him

I know his mind

Before i know his name

Its a feeling, a knowing

Blessed from angel chamuel

He will come, i am already blessed before

I experience, he will come 

I know without knowing

The wisdom of your mind

The nature of your soul 

Through times passing

I get closer every day

He will know too

The magic between our souls

Our energy

I will come to him


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