Letting go

I lay in bed to detox my bodies energy from the pain caused from another reckless heart. 

And part it must be my own recklessness as well. 

What honor does it serve me to give it so easily, or not at all, to give my body, but not my mind, not my soul. Superficial meetings and encounters at work, in friendships, in writing even, to live inauthentically is the greatest diser ice to myself. 

I need a change. To make a change inside myself, to jot accept that which does not serve my highest good. 

A foreign perspective to those who do jot know me, but those who have seen my soul do, this is apart of me, it is not the full me, but i miss the effect being authentic created with people, the welcomeness and appreciation between people. 

This isn’t some new person writing these words. Its me. Its always been me, just hiding behind confusion and pain, and it served its time, but it no longer srves me. I want to be my best. To have the courage to accept that hurt part of myself. To have the courage to live life with my heart instead. 

Thats who i felt i lost those few years ago. Thats the person pthers knew as me who they buried when they ended relationships. But now i have new wisdom. Time to live for love again. 

To love myself without wearing makeup and vanity to hide the insecurities inside. To love myself without the perfect abs. To love myself without the perfect bank account or life. Just love. 

“What wpuld someone that loves themselves do?” Thank you T for that. Thank you again dear sir. Thank you. 


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