I know what i’ve been through mind

You’ve seen my footsteps land

Wind you have heard my cries

Band of branches you’ve seen my eyes

Try as i may, it wont change

Lie in my heart, to no avail

Range of emotions never subsiding

Bail out my spirit, ever-resonating

Binding my heart to a weight that does not serve me. 

Compensating will only make things harder. 

See here, that spark inside my mind

Solder the edges together, bring the points to precision. 

Kind, this heart, i focus on my true self. 

Decisions can make or break me. 


work in progress. I’m finding my heart is freeing up, signs of angels by my side, kind of unnerves me because its been a long time, i’ve felt this way. Even staring in the eyes of life changes that could be potential chaos. I feel in touch with my hearts desire, and i can care, i get this weord feeling everything is going to be okay, still, despite my pain and dissapointment. I’m not truly happy. But i know now i can and i will be again. I know what nrings me joy. Like how i went to that spiritual meeting, told them the bad news, and then, they hugged me. 

The encouragement made me wince. I havent felt that in such a long time, friendship. 

Thanks for that. 

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