And if you asked me

If I’m alone

you’d find out

that me

those women

they are not just stories

figments of imagination

or getting even

it is the truth

and I ask you

to move on

stop trying to place

fictional power

over my land

that’s a warning.

You know some of them

they have even cooked your food

waited on you

shared breath with you

not bread



that you

hate us for being raped

they know

you hate us

I’m not alone.

Because what you say to one woman

you say to them all

you echo all the times they heard it

you set yourself apart


you can not stay

in comfort

with women who know

the truth.

this land

is not a “man’s” land

it is all people’s land

and a woman does not find sisterhood

in a woman who claims

a raped woman is crazy

for not wanting to be raped

a raped woman is crazy

for feeling pain

a raped woman is shameful

for saying no.

and there are men

on this earth

who think

that you cowards

trying to bait and switch

are nothing more than a flea.

I am not alone.



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