The reality of it all. 

Some times i get blindsided. By the memories of the violence i have seen. Psychological, sexual, physical, emotional…..i have seen the full gammit. Experieced it. 

I should have more empathy for people.  But like tonight when two homeless people came up to me and a groyp of people. I was cold. If i hadnt been raped by a man like that…

Needless to say, i don’t care about their excuses or reasons, their live or die lifestyle. Everyone has a choice to choose good or evil. 

I dont fucking care. My reality and experience is betrayal by the person i loved, poverty, starvation, homelessness, pain, suffering, rape, attempted murder by another man, harassment, more abuse by somone i trusted with my experience, by women and men.

Fuck them. Be a civilized human. Just fuck them all. I’m done. 


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