No love lost

Tired of holding

On to a piece of paper

Like a memory

Of being loved

Id rather remember

To know

Being in love

Did he understand

How much my life 


On his keeping his word?

One life lost

I would have been the second

So focused on him

Not loosing his life

I damn near lost mine

Believing in love

That was only a lie

Only of use to him

Until he demanded


He will always

Hold a dark spot

In my heart

For him. 

The converaations

With his father

How my potential child was a parasite

How i tried to agree

Only to know

Men just trying to control

If she hadnt fallen apart

My brother would still be alive

Im sure

These little lies

They tell themselves

To justify


Makes them feel stronger

More secure. 

But i dont really know

I can’t say

Just project

To make sense of the chaos

Waisted time


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