Denver to utah

Day two of the trip. 

I feel pure euphoria and wholeness i have not felt in a very long time. 

Spoke with sarah about her life and the changes her life has had. 

HAvng a blast seeing little signs along the way that have helped me know and feel i am on the right path. 

I man we met at the gas station asked us how we were and commented on how today was a good day to be alive. “Little angels” or people like that on your path are signs to me. 

The mountains are beyond amazing dappled with evergreena and aspens. Bleached rocks among red iron soil. I feel so grounded and yet my body is soaring. It feels like how i felt every day in my life prior to the trauma. A joy to just be alive and a beart willing and able to love. 

I needed this trip. And i know as i see these wooden delapitated sticks once called homes nestled in the mountains, that even that there is beauty in a destroyed home if you see the whole picture, feel time, and even the purpose of destruction, to lend the soil and the space to new growth or to move on from that which was meant for a time, but not forever. 


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