Freedom trip continued

I was unable to describe my days during the rest of my trip due to cellphone coverage by my provider.

Regardless I have started a new job tutoring kids during the week and administrative items. Super excited. This position will allow me to transfer within companies to different states.

And then there is the mission trip to Kenya. To begin my test run on teaching abroad.

I may or may not keep my other job depending on if it works out.

But i am so relieved to finally begin my steps towards a better future.

The worst mistake i ever made was to allow a man become my Higher power so to speak. And to allow him to convince me that he was capable of supporting. He doesn't even realize his behavior changed my life behavior and was a source of my pani. Attacks, "but what does it matter i didn't love her." Blah blah blah. Justifying bad behavior is so self-absorbed. I'm still processing how i was brain washed into my situation.

Fake love is the worst kind of love, and i am not going to allow someone masquerading as a genuine person to sideways me. I've been tested a lot recently, and I focus on showing integrity, and it comes from deep inside, which validates my instincts and intuition.

I deserve a life of live and joy and someone who will walk with me.

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