Kenya bound

As I’m trying to emotionally prepare myself for the trip abroad and the possible negative ramifications for doing something that I feel deeply with my heart I’m a fronted with the fact that it’s in the realization of the facts that I am not cursed with bitterness as is what my ex tried to psychologically damaged be with I don’t know how loves to explain it but I am both trepidation us nervous excited with the full reality of understanding that I will be experiencing a deeply moving experience as well as a deeply tough experience to put it in the lightest it is extremely intimidating to me to be going to to another country to another culture to another language and try to convince other parents that there is a potential for their children and their future in an educational improvements if they are so willing to except the assistance of complete foreigners strangers. I am writing this saying it out loud through my phone and I cannot express the full mode of response that I feel it’s beyond words it’s beyond my capacity to understand at this time but I’m thankful and grateful that I am blessed and honored to be able to participate in something as important as this wish me luck in please pray for us as we go on this venture as a small group of women to Africa.


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