Stigma of surviving depression from trauma/depression

Please educate yourself and know. When i came out in the open about depression and crime victimization, and the mental health system failed me and those closest to me, as well as myself when i went through a rough time, i discovered since then i hVe been labeled crazy, etc etc.

And when there were still residual affects of the trauma, this would be true, however, that has not been the case.

The stigma of trauma, or depression, has cost me so much time, my last tear in school, and jobs, and my own money. It has cost me myself, the only thing i have regardless of status, money, beauty, etc etc.

The only thing i have is me. The only thing we ever truly have is ourselves.

Please educate yourself. I am a naturally optimistic person. I am a naturally compassionate, empathetic, and kind person. I’m a bitch if you give me reason.

But this does not mean i can’t handle life.

I have feelings, i have doubts just like anyone else, and i have joy. I’m a human being. Just like you.

So please stop trying to make me out to be someone i am not. Thank you!

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