There is this callous

around my heart

where i let you in

and you but your fist

inside my chest

And broke the cage

in a fit of rage

that destroyed us both

you destroyed this

golden heart

and made it possible

to make it harder than hot

and now the cavity that is me

is fiery, a wild fire at its worst

and I wonder who can handle it

so much repressed passion

for a furious space

looking for a face to ignite a burst

of all consuming

like the time I was crying

in your arms

of that moment, when you were mine

and I was yours

in a new form, I long for the simile

i don’t long for your eyes

or you scent anymore

I long for that electricity

between two souls

I long for that reference

of stars becoming one

i long for that callous

to be brutally ripped off.

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