Bad Theatre

Bad Theatre

I am not her anymore, i’m who i was before

Just in the madness of the life you created for me

Still waiting for the dawn.

I will not let you use me anymore

Or him or her or that person

I need to be free

Because as a child it wasn’t my fault

But as an adult it was my fault?

For trusting you or him or her

My child inside deserves better

My soul, my heart, my mind

And as smoke and mirrors

Are presented poorly

And manipulation occurs

I woke up to the reality of the portrayal

And I remembered

I’m not your victim anymore.

You judge me and encouraged me

To break myself for your lies

And i can not lie for you anymore.

Or i’ll die from the explosions in the display

My life is mine to have a better time

Not yours to suck it away.

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