He took advantage of me

Tricky fingers in the middle of the night

While i was awake

Secret words and messages

Could cost me my life

This year

If his vision is to hurt women

Then thats what he did

Hitting my head

On a ceiling for every direction

I tried to play it off

“He was drunk”

Cost me my job

Sent me over the edge

With the happenstance

Of a surprise visit

From the original

You won’t let me


My pain

You wont accept

Its BEEN taken care of

Bad boys riding

Got the message





Adult women

Just the ones when they are young.

No one protects me.

It’s my job, i’m superwoman, i’m not

Just human, with a human heart

Who knows

You don’t treat people like that!




Loud and clear yet?

While you running around

Ignoring me

You had one right there

To protect me

But that would me you would actually

Have to fucking care!

Except besides whats the next beer on tap.

Fucking wasteful men and women.

I wish my son hadn’t died for these mens sins.

indian pale ale

Drink your bitter beer

Enjoy the taste

Target on my chest

Begging in my eyes

Please god make this stop

If you had eyes to see

It’s coming i feel it

But nope

Blame the woman

And not the man who has no respect.

Just some bitch he fucked

Not a person

Regardless she was looking for love.

you are no savior of the world

You used me to abuse and destroy me.

This place hasn’t changed.

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