I’m struggling again.

Betrayal happened.

I just can’t win.

Had to get on antidepressants again. New kind. Still suicidal ideation. But no i don’t WANT to die. Just want to be happy, have a logical reason, while people treat me like the pink elephant in the room. Or treat me like i’m crazy. I am not safe here. I’ve known it for years. Not after william stole my phone with my contacts in it. He said he’d kill me, and i don’t think he just wanted to kill me either. So i did what i could to keep people safe. Even people not my family anymore. But who cares! My life is shit as usual and no matter what i do, it’ll never be enough. Ever!

Sorry if you never understood. Sorry you didn’t appreciate it. Not sorry because it was the Adult thing to do.

So tired of being treated like i’m stupid. Rape culture is real. Hope i don’t die from it.

Sick of this shit! Like i am not aware of what is going on. It’s killing me inside. Slowly like always.

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