Fuck off Southern Comfort Snakes

As we live and breathe and die.

I lay here sitting trying not to cry

feelings rendered in life’s path

trying no to unleash

the rage in me

breathing, reading, crying,

talk to jesus girl

read scripture

just to tease US tease you.

Did you know?

not every suicidal person

has a homicidal vendetta

against women, children, & men.

confusing my mind heart & soul.

as I trust other people’s opinions, or scams, or fake-outs.

getting prank calls & actors acting & actions

as if the world is my stage

fuck this bullshit!

unrealistic resentments


I am not a book

I am not an object

I am not Alice in wonderland

I am not Carrie the Movie

or Betty Crocker (an ad)

i’m just me, not a whore.

i’m just me, miss nevermore

never gonna win

never gonna recover

from gossip, domination, & arrogant (motherfuckers)

and while people give compassion

to everyone else but me

I get the silent treatment

because one guy hurt me real bad in my heart

and then came another and another and another and another and another

men using their dicks like guns

and my sexual body like a slave

go find a match girl

meet him on tinder, we got plenty of apps for that

meaningless sex & heartbreak

everyone clink their glasses

Happy New Year she’s just a fine piece of asses (ashes) making a fool of herself looking for love

don’t talk about suicide, don’t talk about how you were raped, don’t talk, don’t talk, laugh and have fun.

i almost used a gun on myself

a knife

almost jumped off a bridge into the interstate

after that man did what he did

they said “looking for a death wish”

well, you didn’t hear my prayers in my head assholes!

that’s not a wish i wish on any star

it’s a wish to be loved, to be cherished, to be appreciated, for my undying love for love.

hopeless romantic?

so what!

that is god or goddess or whatever you call in somebody. If thats narcissism.

actually it is pretty fucking normal.

well you should catch that bug in this web of life.

i’m looking for a man, a good man, to be in love with, as a woman, i need a good man. i’m not getting love from a being that isn’t next to me that i can touch, embrace, feel. god is an idea about good and evil. and if god is about good, i pick good, it is my internal clock now everytime.

but the blood and guts man, i can’t do it, i see the evil of men and women in those pictures of jesus crucified. i know the world is about life and death.

and god wouldn’t want me to be crucified for that man over there. or anyone for that matter.

not the real benevolent god that rules the earth that brings spring and nature. same god, every religion, positive energy.

my goddess inside me is mother nature nurture female virgo

sometimes too much, sometimes to little.

but who cares!

nobody fucking cared.

watch the devil men god, watch them, and take them out.

i do not bless them cursing me.

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