Went through dating violence

So I went through dating violence again. I’m not a survivor anymore or right now. Quit my job because he is connected with my old job. Happened in three different places in the state. I am back to being a victim of sexual assault and dating violence.

Nobody will believe me I’m sure, as normal.

Blame me for it, because I was stupid enough to try and meet a nice guy that would treat me right. Instead he acted like he was a nice guy, but he was just grooming me and trying to make me be the problem. Like everyone else tries to do with my empathy. Use me and abuse me, like I want it?! No dudes and dudettes, I do not like being harmed. That would be called normal.

Fuck my life, severely depressed, broke, filled with anxiety. Doesn’t matter, cause everyone thinks I lied about what happened in 2013-and coming back to Arkansas has been excruciating, and trying to just survive life.

I’m not okay. Things have been happening again like I’ve experienced in Arkansas, it’s a dangerous place.

A lot of crap has been going on, similar to what I went through, and I’m sick and tired of it, my brain literally hurts, and my heart is broken. shattered into little pieces. People treating me like a doll, and not being humane to me. I can’t take this anymore. It hurts so much.


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