National lesson ive learned

Dont get raped-nobody cares about crime victims. We are just threatening and deserve to be killed. Or is that how i feel based off of treatment and denying and blaming of sexual assault survivors by opinions developed off of assumptions.

I learned that from dr. Lisa hunt, and a bunch of other psychologists and the medical field. Dr. Robert barrow. And others. But i dont hate doctors, just how they treat us to be bugs for examination and lack empathy for us. I have also read a lot about the criminal mind and PET scans. But they don’t see behind the scenes on my phone or computer. But the people in charge with the patriot act do!

But now i’m out to blow people up or something. Yeah right, also something people have told me to create fear.

Nope just go die. Because i shared the painful experience of rape culture and what its like being stalked by homicidal people. By people who care about drugs and covering their asses as accomplices.

Thats the way i feel based off of actual real life experiences. I see gaslighting baiting everyday. But i’m the scape goat. As people check my story in different ways and make me relive my past present and future and retraumatize me as the problem over and over again in the natural state of arkansas.

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