Update 2020-july 8th

Well I have some time in another state again getting medical treatment for harassment at my work. This stalking and harassment made me want to kill myself. Again! So i just said fuck it and submitted information to the u.s. marshalls. I’m done being fucked with by you people. I was blessed with police escort out of the state. Solid people! And thank you police! Still got ptsd. Still fucking confused as shit on how to deal with this.

William burke martin is in custody. Today is the anniversary of my getting raped at knife point and attempted murder I have filed a police report once a year at this point. Trolls!

Motherfuckers called me on my ex fiances birthday. Fuck your drug/human trafficking arkansas and anywhere else!

Go to hell. Dumbasses dont know anything about the fucking patriot act. Seriously?!

Tried to plant drugs in my new car for revenge! Father moved to the state of arkansas. Have fun with your new local chomo! Don’t you people know i have training to look out for child abuse in children?

I told rags and gelato. Fuck you assholes! It’s your turns. Thats a god damn promise!

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