Psychological affects to women in abusive situations

  1. She takes full responsibility over the abuse, and finds it difficult or impossible to blame the abuser himself;
  2. She fears for her safety;
  3. She irrationally believes that the abuser is all-powerful and will hurt her if she contacts the authorities and seeks help.

Women suffering from BWS will frequently show signs of depression, too. They may be less enthusiastic about the activities they used to enjoy. They may also start to abuse drugs and alcohol. Once the signs of BWS are recognized, it’s important to get help.

Whomever called me on my ex fiances birthday exploited this aspect of my experience. When i lived in texas and was on one medication i literally was afraid to go to therapy because i thought my ex-fiance would be mad at me for going to group therapy. I also felt that way about my father.

Being around abusive men and women and having them continuously gaslight me and bait and switch me, verbally abuse me, as well as emotionally invalidate my experience and say it was just “peter crying wolf” and then the assault by william burke martin.

These people knew my tire got stolen in 2011. They didnt know my catalytic converter got messed with. However they didnt understand my fear and wouldnt because i got labotamized by an obscene dosage of wellbutrin. That sent me to the hospital on january 26th when i was supposed to be at the delta exhibition.

I was traumatized by the medications i received as well as the real experience of almost getting assaulted in the coed bathroom. I had unusual behavior of which was a psychotic break. The isolation of working at home was a perfect storm to help abuse me and set me up for a domestic violence situation.

Years of denial blaming and shaming as well as victim blaming.

I know he went for the younger girl and was cheating on me. He never would let me know his friends. My friends encouraged him. And i later found out that i believe his mom may have lied to me. If you go to the burial place in fayetteville arkansas the gravestones near his brothers plot is martin. I never saw that until 2020 when i tried to find his grave to pay my respects.

I was targeted and revenge raped by william burke martin. I had identity theft twice while living eith my ex-fiance. 2006 and 2020, and then Ever since. Be careful of those vengeful 12-step groups. They are not all reformed. I actually fear for her. Because if she falls apart and he finds someone else (he cheated on me twice) it will happen to her and her kids.

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