Ever aglow

Rabbits run

The narrow path

Electric anxiety

At a crows caw

And my shield

The one of my family

Is the crow

With crocus flowers

And thyme

Dart among the trees

Call out through the breeze

And the putter patter

Of another hour

Tomorrow will be spring

Spring tidings

And risings

Along the blow

That makes grass wave

From green to gold

Ever aglow

Ever aglow



I know what i’ve been through mind

You’ve seen my footsteps land

Wind you have heard my cries

Band of branches you’ve seen my eyes

Try as i may, it wont change

Lie in my heart, to no avail

Range of emotions never subsiding

Bail out my spirit, ever-resonating

Binding my heart to a weight that does not serve me. 

Compensating will only make things harder. 

See here, that spark inside my mind

Solder the edges together, bring the points to precision. 

Kind, this heart, i focus on my true self. 

Decisions can make or break me. 


work in progress. I’m finding my heart is freeing up, signs of angels by my side, kind of unnerves me because its been a long time, i’ve felt this way. Even staring in the eyes of life changes that could be potential chaos. I feel in touch with my hearts desire, and i can care, i get this weord feeling everything is going to be okay, still, despite my pain and dissapointment. I’m not truly happy. But i know now i can and i will be again. I know what nrings me joy. Like how i went to that spiritual meeting, told them the bad news, and then, they hugged me. 

The encouragement made me wince. I havent felt that in such a long time, friendship. 

Thanks for that. 

Golden Thread

I think its time

To adress the gold

Glittering from my chest

Around my shoulders

Swirling round my torso

Out of my mouth

That glows your truth

I feel you

And i’m searching

I’m calling

Every atom inside me pulses

To connect hand to hand

Eye to eye

Check to check

In lover’s embrace

A soft pink hue resonates off my skin

 and i pray

Let him in, the one that holds 

My mind at day

My dreams at night

I feel the sway of chance meetings

And irreplaceable experiences

A passion as thunderous as rain

A place like no other

Home, where you are

And i pray and i wonder

I long for the chance

I will go wherever i need to go

I will know at sight

You are him

I know his mind

Before i know his name

Its a feeling, a knowing

Blessed from angel chamuel

He will come, i am already blessed before

I experience, he will come 

I know without knowing

The wisdom of your mind

The nature of your soul 

Through times passing

I get closer every day

He will know too

The magic between our souls

Our energy

I will come to him


November Moon

I don’t think I can satisfy his breathing

down my neck questioning prying


as I get control

over that which is mine.

Along this line

I must draw in regards

to marriage so soon

moving so soon

life and love

I must take care of the things left undone

God I can’t do this anymore

I thought I could

I just can’t deal with this shuddering


back and forth

make up your mind.

Are you in or out boy

cause I got shit to do

with or without you

and although I want it to be

a parallel between our steps

next to each other

if you travel over there

I can’t compare

any reason to stay.

My heart deserves a long lasting love

not a slightly flickery limp fire

I just do not have it anymore.

It Is

Just don’t lie to me

When it comes down

To the reality of saying words

You may intend one action

You may intend a behavior

But do me the honor

Be better than my father

Chirping birds

Continue to grace my ears

To compensate for those listless fears

It brings me to tears

To be promised one thing

Given another

I grab the bed

And pull myself away

It is not okay

To be hurt with heartfelt lies

I’m growing older

And I just don’t have space

For repeating the same behavior

That grants disruption 

To my truly gentle heart

To the reality of saying words

Do me the honor

Be better than the power

Of deceit 

Be strong against the sin

Of breaking in

Into the cage 

That carries my lungs

I want to exhale with ease

Not tense with despair

Of another dying cause

There is no grace there

I’m tired

ticking away at my youth

Takes longer to heal now

Takes longer to feel


It’s in the sun

Reflected in the moon

With us night and day

Always with us

Do me the honor

Show respect for the truth

You know what it is

Fingers touch

Fingers to finger we touch

Laying in bed

Talking about god

And I met him on a day

That would be a curse

If their hate

Still touched my heart

But I’m that touch

I began to understand

People come

And they go

Some stay but what is 


Is that breathe between

Where chance

At a zoo

Elated my heart to a point

Where I took courage

To change my heart

And open up

I want love

And as that owl looked at me

Perched on her hand

I just saw

How I needed a safe place to land

Like her 

Healing has only truly yet begun

And temporary thoughts

That had no place in my mind

Flee to a foreign space

So strange I thought that way


To think

But the fear of it

Leaves a quake

A strain on everything

Take your hand

Off the door knob

To make room

For the right door to open

And allow the touch

Of this new man

To ente your soulspace

And if he is the one stay

Let him in

I ask of myself

Let me in

Let my heart inside myself again

And shine through my epidermis