Chapter 1 |Unicorn



@ the horns

of this year

take a hold

of what you hold


trusting myself

and my own


and trusting the nature

too which I shall stand.

No instant


there’d be not place

to land.

It’s been so long

since I tried this

and believe in what I do.

too worried about others’ opinions

and this worldly destiny

I’m afraid

I’ll admit

that I’m wrong

but I’m not wrong

maybe wrong to worry

and this has gone on too long.

I hope that someday

I won’t have to worry

and I won’t have to say

Good Bye



Chapter 1|Unicorn



She looked into the mirror and looked into her face.

She looked into her eyes and pondered the human race.

Did God create man or men create God?

This consumed her mind for years at a time.

She looked into the mirror and looked into her face

She looked into her eyes and pondered where her place was?

The place in the world she could not configure,

This consumed her mind for months at a time.

She looked into the mirrors and looked into her faces,

She looked into her eyes and wondered why she thought these cases.

It consumed her mind weeks at a time,

and drove her into blackness making her mind become a mime.

It drove her crazy and created unrest.

She looked around unhappily and knew she was no longer the best

Regretful Yours

Chapter 1| Unicorn


Regretful Yours

If I could write a timeless poem for you

I would

If I could express the energy you bring to my skin.

I would

If I could show you I’m one to trust

I’d try

If I could be honest enough to tell you the full truth

I would

I lie to protect myself

I wish I didn’t

I put up a wall to hide the face of my soul

I wish I didn’t

I’m not strong enough to say….. you know.

I wish I would

So I turn to dust in your feelings.

I wish I didn’t.

See me

Chapter 1|Unicorn


See me

Give me some romance

Some passion mixed in

And listen

To the words

But pay attention

To my face

How I don’t like to be misplaced

In your assumptions

I met a man

Who sucked at the saxophone

Trying to stay in a dream

That he lost

That’s one of my fears

To be lost

From my dream

To be lost

From myself

Spent forever it seemed

To remember my gleam

But I drowned

In some stupid

Man-made dehydrator

That looked as if it’d quench my thirst

To quench my need

To see you again

To run to you

With a brick knocking around in my head

Every time I rose

Every time I chose

To forget you

To remember you

As we once were

Once, once upon a time

With the perfect soundtrack

It was you, my love, holding me back

From my true happiness

How sorry I am it turned into this

But knowing that I will beat this

And appreciate

The man lying next to me

Because you may look at me

But he sees me!

Spirit Walk

Chapter 1|Unicorn


Spirit walk

That part of me died today

In this I found bliss

My body spoke what words could not say

I felt that blessed kiss

I danced.


The music soothed me

Moved me

And I let go


The chain on my center withered

My heart opened like a lotus

That snake stopped and away it slithered

This feeling bloat us.

I danced


Chapter 1|Unicorn



Here it is

This blessing.

I am whole

This is a kissing

To my soul

The stitch is healed

And I hope you regret

All that you’ve done

Saying sorry won’t be enough

And you are the one that’s fucked up

Not me


I am the changed mind

Phoenix blessing

This fired up passion

Is all consuming

There is a new love for me

Self love

And it’s happily ever after for me

With out you

You don’t have a clue

Of what your leaving behind

And you’ll always be a reason

Why I am not so out of line

If loved and loved and given

If shoved and shoved forgiven

ness down my throat

But I have no reason to forgive you

You are completely out of line

I have no reason to forgive you

So here’s a dime

For your homeless soul

And I hope and pray

You grow old


Ravings of a MADD Woman

Chapter 1|Unicorn

Ravings of a MADD Woman 


Your eyes

So challenging

So divine

Stay in line

Or you won’t see this model unsheathed

Want me

As your pet

And yet

I can’t help but feel insecure

About you pretty boys

Smoking weed

And dream-i-n-g

Spell it out

So raw

Like my soul


Is all that i



Is all some see

You make me feel so pretty

And smart

A blond bombshells dream

I read this soul speech


And it all is perfect

I’ll read it la-


It’ll seem pointless.

I read other’s poetry

And I think that I can get in

If your reading this

I did


Of a dream

I try to write poetry

Like music

Like speech

Like a conversation

With a lover

I know I will never have.

I write poetry

Like thought.