Chapter 4|Diamonds



Let me tell you

what you are

let me tell you

who you are

you are soul


hateful A

and cruel

You care about

no loving thing

except yourself

except yourself

an empty husk

of blasphemy

a walking corpse

Is all I see


You took advantage

of my good defenselessness

IT took you to help me


I let you





Because I’ve thought

I’m worth nothing

Not worth forgiveness and caring


Well, this is what happens

when the naive wake up

and realize the heart of gold

they held is pyrite

keep the masochist

your final present

from me

with love





Santa Fe Sun

Chapter  4|Diamonds

Santa Fe Sun


Drove down the road

Saw the Santa Fe sun

Thought of what to get

The two of you

What to get

Two hearts joining

Into one glowing sun

When I think of you

I think of air

I think of thought

I think of doves

And art.

No money can I spend

But a heart of gold in poetry

Is worth more than what I

Could give thee

A heart for a heart

Is what matrimony is

A heart for a heart

Is what love is

Have a piece of my heart

To help solder your union

So harmony to the wind

Shall not run

And you shall stay

In a dream catcher

In which your caught.

Fool’s Heart Death

Chapter 4|Diamonds

Fool’s Heart Death


Some people write to give birth to that fire

I write to take up my time

I write to keep myself in line

I write when there is no one by my side

Course they never are in the mean time


My soul is wearing down, this tire

Along the steep rough climb

Along attempt to find my kind

Along with Curse in it for the ride

Not for the journey of this climb


Longingly I wonder

Of an angel to uncover

Value deceit

Enamored seraph he does eat.

Landscape of F st.

Landscape of F St.

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Note: Split stanza to be written and displayed in an infinite loop. Each line goes like this: Center spacing, right spacing, center spacing, left spacing, center spacing, etc. etc. etc.

And if I die today
I’ll be reincarnated
some way
maybe as a boy
a rabbit
or ferret
the tuth is
Does the tickle
Your fancy
Breakfast club
You’re a nancy
Deep inside
Turned black
Afraid to admit
You hate what you are
She’s pissed
Find a four leaf clover
Get on your knees & pray
In our care
Of madness
Ritual candles
Enjoy the ambiance
As we comply
Bird in a cage
De Ja Vu
I’ve seen this before
They set a stage
& wait
set a trap
smear it on her face.
Father’s milk

Fuck Aphrodite
And her swan dive
She’s in the deep end-ed
In our opinion
Gone loco
Whistle & blow
“This is our world!”
I’m not welcome here.
Shield thine eyes
Thine ears
People haven’t changed
Not really
We like to think so
Their grass
Needs to be thatched
Hand me the rake.

Please note: Here infinite loop is broken.

This ain’t no fairy tale
and I ain’t no princess
this isn’t a glory hole
and you are not princes
we have a history here
a war on women’s bodies
and I do not glorify
your phallic intentions
So stupid
these words
curdled milk
in my mind
cottage cheese
suck that straw
let it be
as it is
Did you know I’m sober
see my eyes
test my blood
I’ve seen
experienced this
“take your words back
hands tied
fist in my faces
suck it bear
honor this its god”
Not my god
your member
not worth worshipping
sadistic black cloaks
salt on my wounds
robbed in
my uterus

Wood Worker & Associates

Chapter 4|Diamonds


Wood Worker & Associates

If I could not

speak these words

Like thorns

From the thorns

Placed through my eyes

My temples

As I pluck

Them out

Each nail

Has a name




Through it’s spine

This one from my heart

This one from my left ovary

This one named my child’s name

This one

The biggest one

Hammered by society’s prayer

This one not

the one that

Cut my hand

This one

Has an echo

Like a flower

Narcissist flower

His anger rage


Matches for dead roses

He game me this

Instead of

This thorn

Hurts more

Than I can

Stand, it’s got fungus

It shoots all over me

Through me

The pain

No worse than my


My heart’s true pain

His tight bond glue

Memory Soft

Chapter 4|Diamonds


Memory Soft

I’ll never sacrifice my dreams

Even for you

Without a clue

You asked too much of me

My eyes are where it gleams

A window

To my soul

To survive

Is my goal

To be stronger

Not colder

And when I’m older

I’ll look back, Yeah

I’ll remember you

And shake my head

With no dread

Because I will remember the moment it broke!

But I’ll think most of when we were stoked

On discovering

The softness

Of the heart

In bed

Well fed

On bliss

And the kiss

Of sex.


Chapter 4|Diamonds



Speak to me in riddles

& all is dew

telling me things

I already knew

what is in that line

some would Say divine

or music to loud

from someone

with windows rolled up.

for the cloud

what is spoken

in your silence

is oppressive

the cage screaming

in the mind

if I were blind

she said

just shoot me

sing me your nursery rhyme

sing loud

out of tune

just sing

fracture the crystal vacuum

your attentive


as she sits


a clock

going off

in her eyes


are in your memory


and a rose

a violin

a moon

let the din roll out.


Copyright Carolyn Crocker 2005