Sanctuary in the City

Chapter 6 |The Secrets

Sanctuary in the City

We don’t always get what we want

Don’t always know till we’re dead

Lonely Souls

Lost Angels

A successful one hides itself in a group.

Compromise to commitment

comprise to put up with it.

Attractive people

are beautiful in this world but beauty is one thing

a souls is another.

Wanna feel appreciated for what I got

some choose to die alone

others choose to die

surrounded by everything

these words may go


or autonomy’s

on a tongue

of burnt sienna.

A new age is coming

a new birth right

I speak as a thesaurus

I speak as a single cover

I am not insecure

as you might see

He can thing as he is

I can be anything

I can be anything

I hide behind him in one scene

He rolls into another

I Take his head

he smiles at me.

But never neglects

never neglects me.

tired of people leaving

choose your own destiny


Questioning Time 2

Chapter 6|The Secrets


Questioning Time

Questioning this page this pen this

belief in my dream

I’m starting to realize

that very few seem

to believe in this kind of sage

a sin

is what the glowing beam

has become in my eyes.

Thought that this would

be good enough

And what do you care

your not even here

to hold me close

it leaves a residue

of poison in my gut

it doesn’t feel right

I can not blame you

but I can not honor you

for anything

I wanted to put faith in you


and a little love

But I’ve come undone

And I just can’t care anymore

what if it did matter

what if I cared


and wanted someone to be there

it’s an endless dream

and it’s my destiny

to be alone

right now


so tell me this

What’s so filling in this?

that can’t crawl in my lap

When I write

She chases my pen

with spite

as if my soul purpose

is to touch her.

What if that mattered?

how many times can I say this

How many times can I feel this

the only difference

is the person

not the person

that doesn’t matter.


Chapter 6| The Secrets



Am I just a ball of

tears & fears to you

because I tell you

I feel

Would it be better


Or Leave

My life on call?

I don’t think so

guess I don’t have a friend tonight

too honest for my own rights

it will be over soon

Just fed up

with all the doom.


Chapter 6|The Secrets



i remember

that first time i saw you


i noticed

how ugly you were


and i knew then i hated you

to the end

howling winds

have turned my head

of memories

hearts beating

next to one another

sleeping soundly

but now

oh how now

i see the scars

in the end

you are l’haine

when i see this crooked

nose in the mirror

feel the nerves return

the man to marry

youthful age

yet not as wise

as you think

not smart enough to see

that man after me

the signs

and it rains

all the tears ive cried

you deny to see

even for me

till death did us part

devils advocate.

Ever After

Chapter 6|The Secret


Ever After

I’m worn

need a rest

from all of this

want to see the best

of me come out.

as always

it’s going to be okay

Yeah? Yeah? yeah?


Don’t start teasing me

cause it may very well kill me.

I need you

I need this

I need some bliss kiss sent

down to me

from love & Life

every happily

Here & After