Work being used at Florida Gulf Coast University exhibition

I just received notification through my Etsy store that my work is going to be used for an exhibition on rape culture via artist books and zines.

I cried my heart out. I recently began sponsoring a child in Kenya, and there are other things going on that scare me that I won’t be able to support her, or myself. And a phone call caused more harm than good in regards to my job.


I’m going to see if the other zine we worked on may be included or sent to them for free. I’m waiting for feed back to set it up. I want to go so bad! img_98781-e1513410311695.jpg


Punched walls

Chapter 7 | Mountain Top

Punched Walls

the thought of what you did

sucked my strength

out of my chest

in a red hot minute

the first words of hate

i was taken aback

you knew how bad it was

so you went in for the attack

that space on the wall

i wonder if its still there

where you punched

and punched

i wonder if that land lord

will ever care

you lost your cool

ripped your car apart

stole my heart

and then ate it

it repairs


only love will show me

how to live and let live

cause i love

someone else now

does that make you afraid?

that it be possible

that my truth is truth

and you are a bastard

i don’t wonder

i know the shape of your hate

a card


Chapter 7 | Mountain Top



Twist bend

and then again

wear your rolodex

on your sleeve

twist bend

i remember the texts you sent

i know why you hit

so you could fuck


fuck her

call me crazy

blame this woman

when you were just lazy

would our child

that never saw the light

of day ever matter

you asking about her birthday

and i caught you


you called it


with potential for repair

then you

son of a bitch

you fucked her

knocked her up

so fast

how long was she in the line

on that rolodex

how long?

we were still together

manipulate me

just in case

she rejected you

like the last one

but she saw your bike

your tattoos

you older wiser?

what could go wrong?

i knew how she felt once

do you cry with her

like you did me

do you shake with her

like when you asked me if

i could believe you

don’t need to kill yourself

and then you’ll fuck that one

the next one

poor her.

The Tile

Chapter 7 | Mountain Top

The Tile

hold in
exhale another night’s air
where has your t-shirt gone
whos is this hair
on the tile
the sign i acted as if didn’t exist
hold in
exhale another knights air


Chapter 7 | Mountain Top


the tone of your voice


ignoring and mine despairing

will not admit to it

the abuse

no one deserves that shit

call it a break up

choose a girl with youth


too much makeup

however its over

my life has yet begun

a real invoice

will be addressed for this

a simple hit is not so simple

when taken into context


of course they believe you

they werent there

but there were people


get served for your desire

make me cinnamon hot

with desire

to end this processed